Exercise to Gain Weight

Exercise to Gain Weight

Exercise to Gain Weight – For you people with a thin body, if you want to gain weight you have tried various methods and it didn’t give any results. If you guys have to try these tips. The following is an article about the types of exercise that can add weight.

1. Swimming Routine Can Fatten The Body

Swimming is a very fun sport and can be done by anyone, whether it’s a thin person or a fat person.

The benefits of swimming can be very effective for the body and health of anyone, especially if it is done regularly.

For example, for people who are overweight, swimming can help tone muscles, be healthy, and lose weight.

Then for people who want to be fatter, swimming can also be a choice of exercise to fatten the body which is very effective to try.

The benefits of swimming in addition to helping to produce an ideal body weight are healthy the heart, improve the respiratory system, and build body muscles.

2. Cycling

Cycling is also a choice of sports that are healthy for the body and refreshing for the mind.

How not, when cycling you can get around to places that have beautiful scenery and refresh the eye.

Do not forget about the benefits of cycling which can tighten muscles, especially in the thighs and calves.

The tighter the body muscles, the denser the muscle mass will be, and the easier it will be to fatten the body.

3. Zumba Can Also Fatten The Body

Zumba is a sport that is more popular among women, but that doesn’t mean you guys can’t try it too!

This sport is quite similar to aerobics because during Zumba you will be practicing gymnastics accompanied by various types of interesting music.

The movements in zumba are dynamic and require a lot of energy, so they are very good for shaping the body.

The amount of energy that is released will then be replaced by better nutritious food intake so that it is very helpful for fattening the body.

4. Lift Weights

The type of exercise that is often considered as a sport to gain weight for men can actually be followed by women, you know!

Sports that focus on weights such as iron and barbells are very helpful in building body muscles as well as strengthening them.

If you want maximum results, then you have to combine weight lifting with other sports such as chin ups, bent over, and bench press.

Some people say that the effectiveness of lifting weights makes it suitable to be chosen as a sport to increase body weight in a short time.

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5. Push ups

If you want to exercise to gain weight at home, then one of the sports that you can choose is push ups.

This sport is one of the cheap sports that is very easy to do because it doesn’t require any equipment.

Push ups can help build your upper body muscles so that your muscle mass is tighter and looks more muscular.

The denser the muscle mass, the better for fattening the body.

6. Sit ups

Apart from push ups, you can also practice sit ups as a sport that is cheap and easy to do.

In contrast to push ups, sit-ups focus more on shaping and toning the muscles in the abdominal area.

In fact, the movement of sit ups can also train and tighten the back muscles to make them tighter and stronger.

The result is that the posture can be more stable and the body looks more ideal.

7. Squat Routine to Fatten the Body

Squat to gain weight is not just an assumption.

You could say, squats have a similar effect to push ups and sit ups.

By doing squats, your metabolism will be more awake and your muscles will be stronger.

Even for women, squats can make the butt look denser and fuller, lo!